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Digital Blueprint Unveils NEW Modern and Professional Rebranding

Our CEO has his say on what this means for Digital Blueprint.

“As the owner of Digital Blueprint, I am thrilled to unveil our new branding and logo design. It's a significant milestone for us and reflects the dedication and hard work of our team in creating a modern and professional image that truly represents our business.

We've been providing digital marketing and branding services for several years, and we're always looking for ways to improve and evolve. Our rebranding process was a carefully planned and executed project that involved our branding and design team. Their talent and creativity were integral in developing a brand identity that reflects our core values and vision for the future.

Our new logo design retains the recognizable blueprint icon from our previous logo, but it has been emboldened to give it more impact and relevance. The font used for our company name is also bolder and more modern, creating a cohesive and eye-catching design that represents our commitment to innovation and forward-thinking.

The overall design is fresh and sophisticated, incorporating a new color palette that blends blues, greens, and grays. The design elements work together to create a strong and lasting impression on our customers, while also attracting new business opportunities.

As the owner of Digital Blueprint, I am extremely proud of our team and the work they've done to create this new branding. Our rebranding is a reflection of our growth and progression over the years, and it demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and services that meet the evolving needs of the digital marketplace.

We are confident that our new branding will help us stand out in a crowded marketplace and continue to provide effective solutions for businesses looking to succeed in the digital world. It's an exciting time for Digital Blueprint, and I am proud to be a part of a team that is dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

Callum Dunbar CEO & Founder Digital Blueprint


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