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Evergreen Home Improvements

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The Client

Evergreen Home Improvements are a business start up that offer a comprehensive range of services to improve your home. We were given the opportunity to build the business firstly by choosing the name, then create the brand and online presence in the form of a new website through to social media channels.

The website we have designed has enabled Evergreen Home Improvements to start new business life with a solid foundation. Not only does the website visually provide an impact, but so too does our SEO strategy that has been implemented. This website is performing strongly in key metrics, converting leads through to sales. Exactly what a new business needs in challenging times.

When designing this site, we made sure to design for a mobile responsive user experience that we are confident works well across all devices. Making sure the design worked well from a functional perspective as well as looking aesthetically pleasing was a great achievement. The brand is very well represented through this web design and performs very well across search engines. 

brand guidelines 3 page mockup 2.png
social media mockup wbg reduced.png
brochure 2 back reduced.png

For the brand design, we wanted to create a very clean, modern and visually striking logo that emphasised the businesses forward thinking as well as their professionalism. The icon we designed to incorporate branches of an evergreen tree while using white space to display a house. The house being the centre of the icon as it is the centre of the business.

From the logo design came the full brand guidelines document that was designed and printed. This is a critical document that enables all in the business to be fully aligned with the brand, USPs, logo uses and language continuity. We then designed and printed all stationery required.

web mockup.png

Evergreen home Improvements needed sales material such a brochures and sales contracts, invoicing, presentation folders and documents. We worked with them to produce visually stunning documents and brochures that give the sales team all they need to convert.

This case study stands as proof of Digital Blueprint's skill and dedication to achieving outcomes for our clients. If you're in search of a dependable and seasoned digital marketing collaborator, there's no need to search beyond Digital Blueprint. Allow us to assist you in reaching your business objectives and reshaping your brand through our all-encompassing digital marketing offerings.

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